Data Stewardship

What is Data Stewardship?

All businesses accumulate, store and rely on data for Sales and Marketing, Contact Management; Stock control, Purchasing and Sales; HR, Finance.

In fact data is “one of the biggest assests companies have”* (Edwina Dunn, CEO Dunhumby, creators of Tesco Club Card scheme. The Times Oct 28 2010)

What’s more, research (Tom Redman; Data Quality: the Field Guide 2001) shows that poor data management costs a business 10% revenue in

  • lost or dissatisfied customers;
  • reduced productivity,
  • poor internal relations
  • poor decisions.

Data Stewardship gives you professionally managed data, benefits include:

  • your processes for data management are aligned with your business processes and are SIMPLE and PRAGMATIC.
  • confidence in the quality of your data, knowing that it can be used reliably.
  • employees have accurate data and reports they need to do their job in a way that adds value
  • confidence that you comply with data protection legislation and best practice.
  • maximising the opportunities offered by IT without being dazzled by gadgetry.

Large businesses appoint people at senior levels in a ‘Data Stewardship’ role.

You can too; Linemere Consultants can be your data steward and help you reap the benefits of professionally managed data.

Prince2 accredited, we can offer a wide variety of tasks, from simple service to complex projects.

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