Support for Direct Marketing

The whole point of direct marketing is that you contact a client, current, lapsed or yet to be, with a message that’s appropriate, relevant and timely.

It’s not as easy as it sounds; you can spend loads of money on marketing support to get the message just right. You can identify your perfect target groups. You can engage in IT wizardry which will propell the message out there and tell you who opened and who clicked and who didn’t.

But this investment does not guarantee success on its’ own. The critical foundation for successful direct marketing is the data you use. Best results depend on:

  • The quality of the data you use: is it all in one place or spread around in different spreadsheets, databases or even still sat on business cards?
  • Is your data complete and up to date and accurate and reliable?
  • Can you segment your data: how do you know that this message is going to be timely and relevant for a client?
  • Your ability to keep the data up to date and incorporate feedback from previous marketing activity.

Linemere Consultants  helps you to maximising value of your investment in direct marketing. Services include:

  • Combining data from diverse sources and creating targeted lists.
  • Assessment of the quality of the data in existing systems, identifying potential barriers
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Data Quality and process improvement support and ongoing analysis

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